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Winnipeg artist - Anything Art

Most recent caricature cartoons by the Winnipeg artist:

*note* I do not do party caricatures, I work from photos...
....Please do not send me off-colour or bathroom humour ...I will not cartoon it....

Group Caricature for Company / Corporate Christmas Card

Group Caricature of Company Employees
Unique Corporate Christmas Card - Company & Season Themed
Instead of the usual photographs of their group of employees, I cartooned them all for their Christmas card that year.

Caricature - Movie Themed

Caricature for Graduation - Pirate Movie Theme - With a favourite actor - This present was a one of a kind gift!
Surprise your son or daughter with a caricature cartoon gift!

Caricature for Daughter
Sports theme cartoon for son, father, uncle, brother
Caricature Gift - for daughter


Occupation Caricature

Boss Gift Caricature - Ron 2011
Caricature with occupational theme
Caricature for Gift - for Boss or Co-workers

Keepsake of Grandmother's favourite family laugh
Make a family story come alive in a cartoon / caricature
I had as much fun cartooning it as they had giving it!


Surprise Birthday Gift
Or for or any Special Occasion
 Game Themed Caricature
Best Friend or Girlfriend or Boyfriend





Caricature - Boss Farewell 2011 George with farewell Caricature
Caricatures for Company Farewells - Special Occasions and Gatherings
Great farewell gifts for co-workers or the boss




Surprise Birthday Gift - Special Occasions / Movie or Comic Themed /Animals or Pets



Boss Caricature
Caricatures make the best gift surprise for a Co-Worker or Boss who is leaving.


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Boss Caricature
Promo Caricature - Thomas 2012
Gift caricature for Boss / co-worker
Self Promotion ( Comedian) Caricatures


Your caricatures can be themed to suit the person, the occupation, or the occasion.

Winnipeg, Manitoba Caricature artist


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Employee Farewell caricature
farewell Caricature
Your caricature's theme can be detailed or simple -
These cartoons were farewell to boss /employee Gifts


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"Thanks for the caricature, she really loved it. She always stares at it every time she walks by it. "
B.V. Winnipeg

"The gift of your art was so well received... You helped make his farewell very special "
R.L. Winnipeg, Mb.

Thank you for the great farewell cartoon gift, everyone loved it!!!
R.R. Winnipeg

"They loved the cartoon!" K.S.

The guys loved the caricatures!  Couldn't believe how much they looked like them! 
C.C. Winnipeg, Mb.

He really loved the caricature... I will recommend your services.
K.G. Winnipeg, Mb.

My friend loved his cartoons!
P.G. Winnipeg, Mb.

Awesome! The caricature made a novel gift.
T.P. Winnipeg , Mb.

The cartoon gift went over great! Thanks again. You did such a fantastic job.
Everyone who saw it loved it. I can't say enough good things.
J.B. Winnipeg

You did an awesome job! She loved it!
C.P. Winnipeg (Johnny Depp Cartoon)

The picture of my brother was a hit just like I knew it would be.
Thanks again. Brad Wpg.

You did a Fantastic Job! :-)  It looks really good
S.K. Winnipeg , Manitoba

It was exactly what I asked for, and a terrific gift.
D.J. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Every time I look at the picture, it makes me smile C.H. Manitoba

He absolutely LOVED it!!!  I gave him the 8x10 caricature, framed and
then put the pic on two mugs as well.  S.K. Wpg.

Looks good..... just like I invisioned.
I was very happy with it and it all went very well, thank you so much.
J.M. Winnipeg, Mb.

I absolutely love the caricature!  You are talented! S.K. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It's amazing! I love it! Thanks again. Sh. K. Ontario.

My Caricature Clients are simply the best, always so pleased & happy with the results!
Thanks to all my Winnipeg Clients for those lovely ENDORSEMENTS!


Caricatures for all occasions! Birthdays, Christmas, Retirement, Reunions,
Anniversary , Get Well Cards, Awards, Rewards, Farewells, Weddings, Office party,
Gift for Boss or Co-workers, Pals, Moms, Dads, Aunty, Uncle, Grads,
Gag gift, Thank you Gift, Friendship Gift, Novelty Gag Gift, Parting Gift, Logos
Congratulations , Graduation, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Secretary Day, Sons,
Daughters, Grandfathers, Brothers, Sisters, Corporate/Company Promos & more


The cartoon theme might be fishing, camping, working, cooking, biking, sports
holidays, favourite hobbies, pastimes, even t.v. wathching...I've
cartooned a lot of them and more...
Computer gaming themes, movie themes, board game themes, superhero
or movie themes ... Haven't had an unhappy client!


Caricatures by Anything Art - Winnipeg Cartoonist & Caricaturist. Cartoons make great gifts!




Instead of roses, ties or perfumes, original Caricatures make a unique gift.
A cartoon portrait is a versatile present to give...It is lasting and different!
Caricature made with any theme: favorite movies, occupations, sport or hobby.
You can get these printed onto other gift items such as:
Giclees or larger scale photographic prints on no-frame canvas, posters,
cards, mugs, t-shirts, aprons, plaques,
just about anything that can be digitally printed.
I use Don's Photo Winnipeg. They do a good job so I'll endorse them.

If you want flattering cartoons or exaggerated features...I'll do either.
I seldom get asked to do hugely exaggerated caricatures, though,
so consider a little of both, and make the theme funnier.


Contact the caricature Artist - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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