Caricature for Birthday - by artist Jerome
Caricature for Birthday Gift

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A true caricature is a distortion of a face & body. Many people
feel that the full distortion isn't too complimentary, and so your
choice will determine the final product. Faces with full caricature,
lightly characterized, or just cartooned onto a smaller body...You
decide, as the final result should be humourous, not insulting...
I want to cartoon, not to ridicule or satire to the extreme...
(unless, of course, you are sending it to a politician!) I find most
people really want Caricature-Light for a gift, as it is less likely
to offend...but I'll cartoon most things within reason.

No requests for off-colour words in a Caricature, please... I
will use $#%@!* for all expletives!!!

Instead of roses, ties or perfumes, Cartoons make a great gift.
Caricatures for all occasions: Birthdays, Christmas, Reunions,
Awards, Rewards, Farewells, Weddings, Office, Anniversary,
Get Well Cards, Graduation, Father's & Mother's Day, Secretary's
Day, a cartoon is versatile & so different! Friends & Family!
...give them the best gift - of humour- for a souvenir of the
occasion, with any theme: movie, occupation, sport or hobby.

A digital printout and the large file will be yours to give, and once
you own the caricature / cartoon you can have it applied to any
gift Mugs, T-shirts, pins, posters, gift cards...

Caricatures are a humorous way to gift a friend or co-worker,
boss or employee.

Caricatures for business: light-hearted sales ads & company logos,
A cartoon or caricature of you can sell your business as well
as any image can. Plus it shows that you have a sense of humour!

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"Thanks for the caricature, she really loved it. She always stares at it every time she walks by it. "
B.V. Winnipeg

"The gift of your art was so well received... You helped make his farewell very special "
R.L. Winnipeg, Mb.

Thank you for the great farewell cartoon gift, everyone loved it!!!
R.R. Winnipeg

"They loved the cartoon!" K.S.

The guys loved the caricatures!  Couldn't believe how much they looked like them! 
C.C. Winnipeg, Mb.

He really loved the caricature... I will recommend your services.
K.G. Winnipeg, Mb.

My friend loved his cartoons!
P.G. Winnipeg, Mb.

Awesome! The caricature made a novel gift.
T.P. Winnipeg , Mb.

The cartoon gift went over great! Thanks again. You did such a fantastic job.
Everyone who saw it loved it. I can't say enough good things.
J.B. Winnipeg

You did an awesome job! She loved it!
C.P. Winnipeg (Johnny Depp Cartoon)

The picture of my brother was a hit just like I knew it would be.
Thanks again. Brad Wpg.

You did a Fantastic Job! :-)  It looks really good
S.K. Winnipeg , Manitoba

It was exactly what I asked for, and a terrific gift.
D.J. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Every time I look at the picture, it makes me smile C.H. Manitoba

He absolutely LOVED it!!!  I gave him the 8x10 caricature, framed and
then put the pic on two mugs as well.  S.K. Wpg.

Looks good..... just like I invisioned.
I was very happy with it and it all went very well, thank you so much.
J.M. Winnipeg, Mb.

I absolutely love the caricature!  You are talented! S.K. Winnipeg, Manitoba

It's amazing! I love it! Thanks again. Sh.K. Ontario.


My Caricature Clients are simply the best, always so pleased & happy with the results!

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