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Samples of Digital Image / Photograph Restoration

Animation of Old Photo Restoration

Major *restoration of an old black & white photo with aged crumpled edges and crackling throughout. Redefined detail of faces, digital reconstruction of background, landscape and building. Replaced all worn and torn edges, lightened and enhanced facial features.

All images are computer scanned and digitally restored.


Photo Fixup of sepia mage

Minor restoration of a mid-century black and white photo
removed evidence of folds, cracks & fading


Manitoba Photo - digitally restored

Scanned original image, removed a large number of scratches and slightly enhanced other washed out & faded images in the photograph.
This was the only image in the family known to have these two ladies.

enlargement of photo fix up
Enlarged section of above image



original football photoPartially restored Football Photo

Scanned original image, removed yellow strip due to aged glue from transparent scotch tape, removed a large number of scratches and slightly enhanced other washed out & faded images in the photograph. This photograph was over a century old and very yellowed.
Note that I restored the faces distorted by the scotch tape.
This is a pixel hunting-labourous restore.

removing light spots from glasses image
Remove light spot glare from glasses/eyewear

The images above are from wedding photographs & half the wedding party wore glasses. The photographer wanted only to remove the spot glare from the glasses. These were from group shots at the wedding, so actual images are very small.


The images below were photographs taken at the Forks in Winnipeg. Sometimes an image can look far more scenic and dynamic when images of people are removed. This involves reconstruction of the area behind the subject. This can be involved or minor detailing depending on the desired detail of final outcome.

Winnipeg photo with unwanted image Winnipeg photo without unwanted image

Winnipeg photo with unwanted image

Remove unwanted images from photos

Winnipeg photo without unwanted image

The final scenic image appears intact

Removed unwanted people from wedding photos

Remove unwanted people from photos
( walking lady with purse has been removed from Wedding photo)

Remove unwanted objects and images from photos

Remove unwanted objects and images from photos
(window, down pipe and person all removed from wedding photo)

Remove people & items from Wedding photos

Remove unwanted objects from wedding photos
( drainage pipe & window, etc. have been removed)



enhanced colours of poloroid

If you don't have the negative...can scan and digitally restore faded and wrinkled photographs.
Above was discoloured, cracked & faded. Lower an older faded and greyed out polaroid image


Faded school picture and color corrected school picture

This is a colour corrected image where the photo was taken
years ago ( School picture) and it was faded and yellowed with age.

discolored school picture and color corrected school picture

Another colour corrected School picture where everything in the
photo image had red/orange tones.



Faded Manitoba winter photo Enhanced Manitoba winter photo
Restore faded black and white images to proper tones & shades

For this old black & white photograph of a Manitoba winter, I scanned the image and digitally restored faded areas, then removed numerous vertical scratches and unwanted blotches of black & grey. I also enhanced some background detail to show this fabulous rugged Northern scene the way
it was meant to appear!


This old newspaper image is toned with the usual dot pattern and moray patterns are obvious even at this small resolution. Facial features were restored as much as possible. We suggest trying to find out if the newspaper has archived the original photos....but if a newspaper image is all you have we will try to work with it.


We can work on your high resolution scanned images, or we can scan them for you! We will enhance faded images, clean up and restore the quality digitally, to resemble the original photo, as much as can possibly be revealed or restored.

Can also do minimal facial touch ups within reason.


Photograph Restoring - Manipulating
Digital photo restoration & Repair
Colour or Black & White Image Touch-Ups
Full or partial photograph restoration

Want to remove unwanted people from photo images?
We can scan and remove almost anything from an existing image.


Photo restoration, enhancement & manipulation
Scanning / digitizing of images
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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