Arm Painting Anything Art - by Winnipeg artist Jeanette Jerome
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The images depicted are for arm painting,
For children's Events in Winnipeg
Cartoon arm painting for children's Birthday parties,
Christmas parties, Staff family parties, Family reunions
School activities or any special events for children!

cartoons or comic themed arm painting
applied in full colour with outlines

Images below are arm painting samples painting
Face painting will be more simple individual images...

Standard child-safe face paints are used

Artist has found that arm painting is faster than face
painting ...and also a little less sticky ( think candied apples)

Scroll down for some arm painting samples

The quality varies according to the size of the lineup
of children and the amount of colours & detail involved


Old Favourites Tigger & Eyore painted on children


As you can see my cartoons are painted with detailing & outlines.

For a children's celebration, face painting or painting cartoons on children's
arms is a fun activity for Christmas parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties
for Children, or promotional gatherings such as Store Openings and Fairs,
Family Fun Days, Company Barbeques, Corporate Children's Events.
(For large events/crowds three hour minimum booking.)


For hourly prices - arm painting for children's party or gathering in Winnipeg
(For large events/crowds three hour minimum booking. Smaller children's events
such as intimate birthday parties two hour minimum. )

Contact Winnipeg Cartoon Artist

Face painting - For smaller children's parties or gatherings only,
I will paint the same icons on faces

A standard list of existing cartoon images may be used, however
the cartoon
theme painted on the children's faces or arms can
match the theme of the party, as long as we agree on the content.
There are also original cartoons of mine available which can be used for
Christmas & Hallowe'en themed children's parties upon request.

Many face painters have seen my work and are starting to paint
arms as well. Also painting faces is a lot more time consuming,
and children cannot watch the process. While painting their arm
rather than their face...the child may observe the whole process.
I enjoy making a child's arm the canvas for my cartoons...


Face painting

Will do face painting with images, such as below, if the children's party is small
children are older than toddler, or the designs are really basic/simple


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Cartoonist's Bio - The Winnipeg Artist Behind the Art

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Caricaturist and Cartoon Artist - Winnipeg, Manitoba



Tips for hiring children's face painters in Winnipeg.

1. Make sure that they actually are face painters from Winnipeg. If you search several of the top results pages, they are often from the U.S. but have the words face painting Winnipeg dozens of times on their sites....
2. Ask the price of face painting per hour and if there is a discount for multiple hours. For over three hrs. I will discount my arm painting for repeat clients. I do not pay promoters, nor will I have to travel from the South to do "face painting in Winnipeg ", so my arm painting or face painting will be a lot cheaper by the hour.
3. Make sure that the arm or face painting mediums are non-toxic.
I buy my face painting supplies in Winnipeg as well...
4. Check out the face painting technique ...( One face painting sample could be anyone's images.) Some of my samples are right here online. I do outline detail painting on faces as well as arms, but prefer arms for larger events.
What you see on page is just a small sampling of my * face painting / arm painting portfolio. I also have original designs from themed parties, including Christmas cartoons and Halloween cartoons which I have designed myself.
I once painted children's faces at a local mall for a whole weekend, painting every Pokemon character imaginable, at the time. I think I'd only do it for smaller venues now, though... Really detailed...
5. How long have they actually been painting faces? I have been face painting and arm painting in Winnipeg since my son was two. That's 24 years of painting children.

I'd say that makes me an experienced face painter who actually lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

J.J. Arm painter / Face painter in Winnipeg

( *Winnipeg face painting: Face painter for smaller parties only & for children older than toddler)


For face painter for smaller groups or arm painting for larger gatherings

Contact the Winnipeg artist - Manitoba, Canada

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