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Anything Art
About the Winnipeg Artist Jeanette Jerome


  I've been drawing and designing since I was a young girl in South Saskatchewan. Having an artistic Mom and supportive Dad was helpful! There were no courses for artists near the small towns of Montmartre or Davidson, so they put me in my first art course by correspondence. The same course taken by Charles Schulz! Sure, he was famous and I'm not, but hey, he took that course as well, so I happen to think that's cool.
    I was also lucky to have my Mom, who was a wonderful artist, in my life. She encouraged me to try several mediums and to always sketch, draw or paint with her.
My first cartoons were of family for Birthday laughs. Some cartoons were even published nationally with writer Susan Kelso for the daily newspaper “horrorscope” panel.
I graduated from Brandon Community College commercial art course back further than I care to mention...but I will admit I met my future husband there.
I work in commercial art as a layout artist, graphic designer, illustrator and art director. My 15 years in the electrical sign business gave me the opportunity to work with other artists, sales & clients and the ability to meet deadlines, all of which have proven to be invaluable in my current Freelance work. My work can be seen all over Winnipeg on signs, walls, business cards and even clocks!
I also have requests for caricatures. They are becoming a favourite.
I'll even clean up your photos for you, old cracks and spots can be eliminated. Even ex-husbands ! Well, digitally, I mean...
In the summertime you’ll find me in the garden growing something or other. My favorite pastimes are word games and logic and reason puzzles...enjoying my family,...and singing my heart out when people will let me. My sis has a great she can make me sound good... Hubby plays guitar now, so how great is that?



Point of interest: My Mother , Jean Righetti's art instructor was the noted Winnipeg artist, Lionel Lemoine Fitzgerald. I am lucky to have a few pieces of her work which I display proudly.




Artist Jeanette Jerome with writer Susan Kelso

Samples of Horrorscope illustrations HERE

The cartoon Horrorscope
was illustrated (2001) by
Winnipeg artist
Jeanette Jerome.
The cartoon Horrorscope
was the brainstorm
of Winnipeg writer
Susan Kelso.



- Freehand lettering & illustration
- Produce
compelling images, logo & type design
- Booklets, Brochures, Pamplets
- Scanning
and editing for digital archiving
- Creating / Editing vector or bitmap files, digital photo fixes
- Basic Web Design
with good keywording skills
- Photo enhancement and manipulation
- Hand drawing, sketching, lettering and painting, all mediums
Work with both Corel & Adobe design tools
- InDesign Layouts for production
- Cartooning skills for a more casual client image
- Work can be e-mailed/uploaded in choice of format


Edge Program in the Schools 2003
Taught poster making coursess to middle school students
Taught cartooning courses to middle school students
Taught clay crafting courses to middle school students


I got paid an honorarium for the above, but I also volunteered 2 to 3 days a week in the schools for over seven years for free!
There are rewards beyond the monetary!
I did everything from helping & teaching how to make crafts, masks, posters, puppets, stage props and I also read with students who needed help...and even those who just wanted to read to me.
Have painted children's arms at various charity functions


This is a coloured pencil work drawn by me at the age of 13.
The subject is my younger sister.
I thought she was the best thing to happen since sliced bread. A lovely delicate face, and such a dainty pose...and I didn't do it justice, but then I was just a youngster myself, I suppose.


See more coloured pencil portraits HERE


" I love it when the eyes that I have drawn start to sparkle and look back at me...that is when I know that I have brushed some life into my images." Winnipeg artist  Jeanette Jerome



Red River metis Logo
The Red River Metis Heritage Group

Winnipeg artists
Jim & Jeanette Jerome have recently
duplicated this metis image on canvas!
See more here on the Anything Art main page


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