Anything Art - The artwork of Winnipeg Manitoba Artist Jeanette Jerome
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Winnipeg Artist Jeanette Jerome - Novelty Art Portfolio
Winnipeg Artist Jeanette Jerome - Novelty Art Portfolio
Winnipeg Artist Jeanette Jerome - Novelty Art Portfolio
Winnipeg Artist Jeanette Jerome - Novelty Art Portfolio
Winnipeg Artist Jeanette Jerome - Novelty Art Portfolio
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A few paintings by the Winnipeg artist Jeanette Jerome


Metis Painting by Winnipeg artists

"Back to Batoche"- Metis painting by Winnipeg artists Jim & Jeanette Jerome
Image is not to be used without permission of the artist... copyright© Jeanette Jerome

4x6 cards ( blank inside) available for sale at:
NICHE NICHE - Nichi Commons - 865 Main St. Wpg. Mb. ( 204) 949-1338

The original "Back to Batoche" artwork was painted in acrylic on 40”x 60”
stretched canvas by Winnipeg Artists Jim & Jeanette Jerome
Limited Edition Art Prints 16"x23" ( actual printed image 12 7/8" x 19 3/4" )
signed and numbered and ready for CUSTOM FRAMING
For prints contact : the Winnipeg artists

A Back To Batoche specialty framed print with faux suede matte is also available.

The artists are a couple, who met at commercial art classes many moons
ago in Brandon Manitoba. They have worked together on various art projects
since, but this is the first time they have worked together to paint on canvas.

Jeanette has been drawing and designing since she was a young girl.
She works in several different mediums and in many aspects of visual art.
Jim’s metis ancestry has deep roots within the Red River Settlement. He
has painted large murals & commercial works in his lifetime, and currently
works as an artist / designer, but this was his first brush to canvas.

This artwork was painted to commemorate the historic Metis Journey of
Red River Carts, wagons and horse riders to Batoche 2005.
The Trail Boss outrider Armand Jerome, depicted under the metis
flags, builds full and half size Red River Carts.

Red River Cart Builders contact : Jerome Cartworks HERE

Red River Cart Photos

Image from: Cart Journey to Fort Ellice July 2009



painting by Winnipeg Artist Jerome
Never Alone - by Winnipeg artist Jeanette Jerome copyright© Jeanette Jerome


Romanetz Ukrainian Dancers by Winnipeg artist
Romanetz-dancers by Winnipeg artist Jeanette Jerome copyright© Jeanette Jerome

This painting was commissioned in 2008 to commemorate the
Anniversary of the Romanetz Ukrainian Dance Ensemble of
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. The painting was auctioned,
and 50 limited edition (16" x 20"image) art prints as well as
smaller open edition prints are available.
contact the Winnipeg Romanetz Ukrainian Dancers for details.

The Winnipeg Manitoba Romanetz Ukrainian Folk Dance Ensemble website




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Links to: other artists I admire

Artist Ando made a portrait that covers an area of more than 43 million square feet. The largest artwork on earth...
It's a giant, mammoth- sized portrait of the head and shoulders of a man wearing a cowboy's hat.
If the Empire State Building was placed on its side, it would only reach as far across as his smile.
It's fully visible only from the air !

See the World's largest art on Earth (literally) by Artist Ando

I am a Winnipeg artist, and was pleased to be asked to develop Ando's website.
Australian Artist Ando painted on canvas that covers an entire interior building...which you can enter to view!
The Big Picture is no ordinary painting, measuring 100 metres by 12 metres at its highest point!
It is the World's Largest acrylic painting on canvas painted by a single artist. WOW!

Visit the World's largest canvas painting by Artist Ando
Nature Art Gallery by Australian Nature Artist Ando

Winnipeg Manitoba boasts some pretty marvelous mural painters!
Winnipeg mural artists - Murals of Winnipeg Website
(Includes some older designs by Winnipeg Artist J. Jerome)

More mural designs by Jeanette Jerome

Rick Prevost -Winnipeg Musical Performer & Children's Entertainer -Contact Winnipeg singer/songwriter
Keys to the Submarine - International distribution of this Children's CD

Winnipeg artist Anything Art
- Specializing in Illustration, Cartoons, caricature and Novelty Art
Scanning & Digitizing images, creating vector art, children's portraits.

Sketches, drawings, black & white or coloured illustration of Babies - Infants - Children
Sign, font & logo design or novelty art, digital or manually produced.
Anything Art, Winnipeg Artist - Manitoba, Canada



Anything Art - The artwork of Winnipeg artist - Jeanette Jerome

Cartoon and Novelty artist Sign Concept & Design Web Art & Design
Illustrative and Commercial Art Projects

Maleficent, Loki, Optimus Prime, The Joker, Minion, Neytiri, Avatar
What do these icons have in common?
They can be carved into pumpkins!

For another example of "Anything Art" Winnipeg....
See my recent Tigger Carved Pumpkin
and other Carved Pumpkins HERE!!!






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